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Product Name
Universal Clamper

How to Use

- Can be clamped to pre-installed steel of various shapes. 
- Capture and support various equipment through the M12 size holes at the bottom or side.

Ex. 1: Attach a cable support to Universal Clamper to support cables.
Ex. 2: Attach a hanging bolt to Universal Clamper to support cable racks.


- Made of aluminum alloy die-casting. Lightweight and rigid.
- Tightening bracket at the tip of tie bolts to firmly engage items. Enables more rigidity in support items compared to clampers with bolts at the tip.
- Universal Clamper can be used flexibly to support items using its M12 size holes.

External View

External View




Universal Clamper is 
attached to H-steel 
supporting a cable 
bracket using the 
M12 holes at the 
bottom ⇒

Product Name Order Code Lead Time* Sales Unit Characteristics
Universal Clamper YM 9700 A01-01 Available 1

Material: Aluminum alloy die-casting
Weight  : 245g
Fastening thickness: MAX 21㎜
Fitting hole diameter: M12(tapped hole at the
side and bottom)
(Square nuts required when using M10 hole)

* Lead Time: Available from regular stock. Please contact us for orders of 100 pieces or more.


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