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Boom Safety Sensor for Unic Crane Vehicles
Boom Keeper
For the safety of Unic Crane Vehicle, Boom Keeper prevents accidents when raising its boom!

About Boom Keeper

Boom Keeper is composed of the transmitter and the receiving unit. Accidents, such as accidental incidents of cutting optical cables or the incident related disturbance in train schedule of JR Rail Road companies by a Unic Vehicle due to the boom raising, may be prevented by placing the transmitter at the starting point of the boom of a Unic Vehicle and the receiver on the dashboard of the driver’s seat,


  1. When the driver is positioned in the driver’s seat with the boom raised, the alarm hazard lamp of the Receiver Unit and the alarm buzzer are activated to prevent accidents by alerting the driver.
  2. Wireless communication between the Transmitter on the boom and the Receiver on the driver’s dashboard requires no wiring connection between the units
  3. Communication from the Transmitter is set to Sampling mode when the boom remains raised. This saves the Transmitter’s battery life.
  4. The Receiver may use power from the cigarette socket or the battery pack attached as an accessory of the main unit.
  5. If the driver comes into the driver’s seat when the Transmitter battery is low, the alert lamp blinks and the buzzer is activated to alert the driver about the low battery.
  6. The outdoor type of Transmitter is equipped with a water- and dust-proof case.
  7. The human body detection sensor of the collector type is provided to detect the driver in the driver’s seat.
  8. The Transmitter unit can be installed in various ways, such as by welding, magnets or screws.

Boom Keeper: Components

Transmitter unit with inclination sensor
Transmitter unit with inclination sensor


Power-supply voltage: DC3V(CR2032 Lithium battery),
Size: H41-W53-L95 (Contains the attachment lug)
Weight: 240g
Power-supply voltage:DC24V (cigarette lighter),
DC6V (4 AA cell batteries)
Power consumption: 3W or less 
Size: H26-W50-L91
Weight: 280g

Receiving unit with human body detection sensor and buzzer
Receiving unit with human body detection sensor and buzzer

System diagram

How to install the Transmitter unit

  1. Position horizontally by using the bundled torpedo level, use magnetism, and install the main body in the upper part of the Hoot pin of the boom.
  2. Weld or tighten the screws by using an external mounting plate to fix this machine more firmly and install it.
  3. Set up the main body within 5m from the receiving unit.

How to install the Receiving unit

  1. The main body is put on the dashboard of a Unic car. (Use double-sided bonding tape for attachment). Set up the main body within 3m from the driver's seat.
  2. Insert the plug of the main body in the cigarette lighter socket 24V power supply.
  3. Insert the DC plug of the battery pack of the attachment in DC Jack in the receiving unit.


  1. Plug the Receiver firmly into the cigarette lighter socket.
  2. Make sure that the alert lamp is blinking and buzzer of the Receiver is activated when the driver is positioned at the driver’s seat with the boom raised.
  3. There should be a very strong magnetism between magnets magnetized, or magnetic materials. Be cautious not to trap fingers or body parts during transportation or installation. If the main body is chipped and shattered due to impacts that may result from contacting, it may be the cause of injuries to human eyes or other body parts.
  4. Do not use Boom Keeper for any purpose other than the purpose specified.
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